Virtual classroom for teaching online

We commonly get asked what benefits and advantages of using LearnCube's Virtual Classroom compared to Skype, Google Hangouts or other Web Conferencing tools.

  1. Business Advantages

    • Custom Branding: choose your own logo and colors to match you brand, a more professional solution resulting in higher perception of value (justify charging more)
    • Use your own url/domain and integrate with you existing systems or website for a seamless student experience.
    • Competitive advantage and point of differentiations to student who are shopping around
    • Option for custom design to suite your audience (adults, corporate, teenagers, kids etc)
    • Future proof your business, by quickly adapting to the changes and trends (online education revenue is growing at 23% p.a)

    Virtual classroom for teaching online
  2. Technical advantages

    • Latest technology: html5 works on any modern browser that support WEBRTC (Chrome, FireFox, Opera, including mobile devices)
    • No downloads, plugins or Flash: Reduces technical problems and time taken to enter a class
    • Automatically adapts video quality to optimize audio on slow connections
    • Our whiteboard and content library avoids the need to use screen sharing which uses excessive bandwidth, negatively effects performance and often resulting in choppy, lagged or robotic audio
    • Group classes with up to 24 live videos
    • Recorded classes
    • Request custom functionality or bespoke solution
  3. Designed specifically for teaching online

    • Easy to use & intuitive: has all the functionality you need without the clutter or complexity of tools you don't
    • Digital Whiteboard for real-time collaboration with students
    • Content library: Optimized for formats teachers already use and familiar with (PDF, MP3 YouTube, Google Drive, Images etc)
    • Combine or mix media types, add and MP3 to a PDF for a more fluid learning experience
    • Easily share content school wide between all teachers, teachers can also upload the own content, which is stored for future use
    • Separate roles for teachers and students, provides teachers with greater class control
    • Automatically tracks attendance and time spent in class (Generates attendance records & reports for wages and student billing)
    • Teach from anywhere at anytime from any computer with an internet connection

  4. Ongoing Research and Development

    • Funding from the Government of Chile
    • Constant focus on best practice for blended and online learning
    • New features and upgrades every 3 months
    • Inbuilt features specifically for teaching Languages and Maths
    • Inbuilt homework, lesson plans and digital content

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