Virtual Classroom API.

Our REST API makes it easy to integrate LearnCube's Virtual Classrooms with other systems.

Virtual Classroom REST API

Seamless integration

Webrtc logs

Class logs & reports

Webrtc no flash or downloads

WebRTC (no flash or downloads)

Reliable Virtual Classroom

Highly scalable

Integrate our Virtual Classroom API within hours

Virtual Classroom

Easy to integrate

Our REST API makes it easy to integrate with existing systems

Reliable & highly scalable

We manage all the infrastructure for you including automatic routing to the closest server in our global network to minimize latency. Host unlimited concurrent classes

Fully featured

Users love our virtual classroom & online whiteboard designed specifically for teaching online

Class logs & reporting

Class reports & attendance, teacher ratings, student feedback, identify issues automate support


Everything you need to teach live online classes at scale.

  • Student accounts, enrolments, payments & scheduling
  • Teacher profiles & availability
  • Advanced class & course scheduling
  • Class reminders
  • Attendance reporting
  • Language/ESL specific tools

  • Unlimited concurrent classes
  • Save unlimited files to your library
  • Business dashboard
  • Learning analytics
  • SSO & Developer APIs
  • Enterprise support

It's never been easier to teach online!