Many language schools are thinking about innovation. Incorporating innovative programs into their schools differentiates them in an increasingly competitive market place.

Educational institutions are now increasingly using a combination of e-learning products with face-to-face teaching, known as blended learning or hybrid learning to teach English online.

Virtual Classrooms make it easy to teach via webcam to deliver live online classes, providing students with convenient access to teachers online.

Blended Learning

E-learning products give a competitive edge

In the language school industry, language schools can differentiate themselves from their competitors by adding live online classes. This provides both domestic and overseas students a convenient alternative to attending a physical school. By adding an online service language schools can extend student enrolments, reach a larger audience worldwide and increase revenues.

Research also indicates blended learning results in better academic outcomes for students.

At LearnCube we have seen use cases of Language Schools tripling foreign student enrolment lengths by using our Language School Software to extend their services online.

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