Enterprise-grade virtual classroom software for teaching.

LearnCube includes quality video/audio, interactive whiteboard, chat, attendance reporting, student insights, expert advise, VIP tech support, and more…

LearnCube Virtual Classroom Software
Virtual Classroom REST API

Seamless integration

Webrtc logs

Class logs & reports

Webrtc no flash or downloads

White-label & download free

Reliable Virtual Classroom

Highly scalable

Get to market fast

Our API is so easy to set-up, even large online schools can get up in hours
with a purpose-built solution for fast pilot projects and professional VIP setup support.

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Virtual Classroom logs and and analytics

Reliable virtual classroom

We invest in infrastructure, systems and quality video providers to ensure the most reliable teaching experience possible (all without downloading external plugins webRTC).

Personal, professional tech support

24/7 support, 99% uptime, low latency global network

Brand as your own

Use your brand, colours and domain to enable a seamless user experience and consistent branding across all your services.

Build a better business via LearnCube insights

Find out how to boost student performance, enable easy teacher QA and identify new opportunities.

Future proof your business

Award winning software

We provide a premium professional solution to help expand your business online with a significantly lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

A partner you can trust

You’re not just a customer. We listen and want to turn your ideas into reality.

Easy to scale

We manage all the IT infrastructure so you can focus on scaling your business. Our platform is used by students in over 1000 cities world-wide.

21st century tools for schools

Seamless teaching experience
LearnCube is download-free (WebRTC). In an age where consumers expect instant access, we make it effortless to get students into the right class and learning fast.

Focused innovation
As the only virtual classroom that focuses on teaching academic subjects like English, languages & maths; you can rely on us to keep pushing the boundaries of technology and teaching.

Professional teaching tools
Unlike generic web-conferencing tools we understand and cater for the nuances of teaching online: multiple whiteboards, YouTube and audio-file syncing, student controls, etc.

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