One of the biggest factors in revenue for Language Schools is the length of student enrollment, last year for the first time in recent history, revenue for language schools in the UK shrunk.

The main reason... reduced student enrollment periods.

Over the last several years foreign student enrollments periods have steadily declined, the average foreign student studying in the UK is now enrolled for only 4.1 weeks.

Meanwhile other top destinations (Australia, Canada and the USA) all have average enrollment periods of 12-14 weeks.

English student enrolment periodsForeign English Student Enrollment length in weeks

A lot of marketing and admin goes into acquiring new students, so what can be done to retain foreign students for longer?

This is something the LearnCube team has been working on and we have developed a strategy that is resulting in students extending their enrollment for up to 4 months!

How? Simply by extending courses online.

Language schools who are using LearnCube can easily add online classes to their offering and to Teach English online The most effective way of doing this is by offering online course extensions to students before they leave your school.

Our Virtual Classrooms Software allows teachers to deliver live online classes to up-to 24 students to anywhere in the world and our Virtual Language School platform has inbuilt scheduling, online payments and student assessments aligned to the CEFR grading framework.

Not only does this improve your language schools bottom line, but you're also helping students improve their outcomes by offering them an effective way to continue their language education even after they return home.

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