HTML5 Built using HTML5 technology to work in any internet browser without the need to download software or plugins. -- Better compatibility across devices including mobile devices, faster performance, less technical issues.
WEBRTC Leveraging technology built in to most internet browsers for live video. Browser must support WEBRTC, compatible browsers include: Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer Edge, Opera. Better compatibility across devices, faster performance, serverless p2p communication, less technical issues.
Audio FallBack Automatically disables video on slow connections to optimise audio. -- Improves user experience by automatically optimising the audio and video stream based on available bandwith for slow connections.
Load Balancer Several servers manage website traffic load and evenly distribute across servers based on location. Capacity can be automatically increased by 400% within seconds to deal with spikes in traffic, no single point of failure ensures enterprise level performance and reliability. -- Faster service with multiple servers across several continents, inbuilt redundancy for reliable performance.
CDN Content Distribution Network, static content is served by a server closest to the student or teacher, nodes in most capital cities (map). -- Reduced latency and faster performance worldwide, by serving files from servers in a closer physical locations (Using CoudFlares global network)
STUN, TURN & ICE We use these 3 technologies to improve reliability of connections behind firewalls. Default ports must still be enabled, for more info see Firewall settings for Virtual Classroom. This improves the chances of successfully connecting from behind a firewall.

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