Don’t underestimate the power of personal recommendations.

Personal recommendations are still the best form of advertising for increasing your enrolments.

Language School Marketing Tips

How do you make it easy for your students to recommend you?

Friends who study together not only get better academic outcomes but study for longer.

How can you encourage friends to start studying together? Offering a family and friends discounts can increase enrolments and improve language proficiency.

Before Course starts: Start of course survey template

End of course Surveys - Most schools do an end of course survey, simply by asking if a student would recommend your school. Asking for the contact details of who they would recommend is and simple and easy way to find new students.

After Course finishes: End of course survey template

Before you start your language school marketing campaign - How do you make sure your services are recommended?

Before your spend your time and money on marketing, ensure the service you deliver encourages students to recommend your school to family and friends. You might want to evaluate your teachers’ performances and your pricing structure.

Student Experience vs Academics Outcomes

Did they attain the language proficiency the hoped for? Did they enjoy the overall experience of learning at your school. If the answer is yes, to both or either one of these they are likely to recommend you. If no, how can you improve your students’ language proficiency and enjoyment of the delivery of your curriculum.

For example: An effective way for students to increase their language proficiency is to watch movies and TV shows and/or listen to radio and podcasts in the language they are learning. You could set one of these avenues of learning as a homework task and discuss the program during class time. One survey showed that students considered TV/radio/podcasts as the second most helpful avenue for learning a foreign language.

For example: You notice that some students are not keeping up with the rest of the class. You can tutor a group of these students in the Virtual Classroom for after hours’ tuition. They will appreciate this extra care.

Whatever you decide, evaluate your courses and their delivery and modify if necessary to meet current demands.


In a competitive market, and where competition is global in the online world, you may need to adjust your pricing, or give additional benefits to your program to attract enrollments. In some case you may need to reduce your prices. In other cases increase them. As an alternative to a price reduction you may increase the value of your courses by adding extra components that your competitors don’t have. Likewise if you intend increasing them.

There are some enormous marketing opportunities for teaching English in countries like China, India and Brazil. Other countries in Africa, like South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia are exponentially increasing their demand for learning English. I’ll be covering this topic more in Finding Your Market.

For these emerging and developing economies price can be an issue for all but the highest socio-economic groups. However reducing your prices so that your courses are accessible to a wider population doesn’t mean a loss in revenue. The numbers of additional enrollments garnered from these huge populations will increase your revenue substantially. Once again incorporating online classes into your language school’s program means greater affordability for students who would find the cost of travelling and living overseas beyond their means.

The importance of good Teachers.

The teachers are your ambassadors that will increase your likelihood for students to recommend your language school so don’t underestimate their influence for your students to enjoy their learning experience.

In general worldwide, teachers often change schools. Retaining good teachers in your school is more likely if they can still be part of your school when they move to another location. Conducting online classes means you can keep your best teachers..

With the LearnCube Virtual Classroom your teachers can live anywhere in the world. The benefit of this is that the teachers can be in a comparable time zone to your overseas students and at cost that may be more competitive.

Before we get into the nitty gritty of online promotion, one of the most important aspects of marketing is to define your target market.

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