We have been busy working on our new online whiteboard and virtual classroom for the past few months, and can't wait to share it with you, it includes a bunch of new features and dozens of improvements.

Whiteboard Update

Top 8 new features:

  1. Multiple tabs

    Load several media types at once and easily switch between, great for dynamic classes using a mix of content, supports the following media types:

    • Whiteboard
    • PDF/Document
    • Video (MP4/MV4 or YouTube)
    • Audio (MP3)
    • External links such as websites, or Google Drive links

    Annotations are saved when switching between content or pages.

    Online Whiteboard

  2. Improved interface

    Floating tool bar makes annotation quicker without having to scroll, video is now fixed and only the document scrolls. Improved text tools, arrows and several other improvements to make teaching online more intuitive.

    Intuituve online whiteboard software

  3. Learning Cards & Conjugation Tables

    Create "Learning Cards" from any keyword, which are instantly created from Wikipedia with image, pronunciation and summary. Or enter a verb to generate conjugation tables on the fly, perfect for teaching languages!

    Intuituve online whiteboard software

  4. Improved audio and video playback

    Share video, YouTube or audio files, playback is synchronized, fast forward, rewind and stay in control when using video and audio media within your class, audio now has "slow speed" playback for ESL listening exercises.

    Synchronized video playback

    Synchronized audio playback

  5. Track talk time

    Identify who is speaking and track total talk time in minutes, great for tracking engagement, monitoring participation and identifying correct balance between participants.

    Track talk time.

  6. Quality of call (QOC) indicator

    Identifies issues with connections and warns users, video quality auto degrades and will eventually turn off to optimize audio on poor connections, this makes classes more reliable and ensures students are aware if their connection is causing issues, end of class reports show any issues encountered.

    Webrtc quality of call indicator

  7. Auto zoom & resize

    Lesson materials are now automatically zoomed to fit available space, this works on all devices and screen sizes, and auto detects if the file is in landscape or portrait.

    You can also manually zoom and pan the whiteboard and lesson materials.

    Online Whiteboard Zoom

  8. Copy & paste

    You can now copy an image directly onto the whiteboard, this is great for cutting snippets from webpages and pasting onto the whiteboard to collaborate on.

    On Windows you can use the snipping tool to copy a portion of a page or on Mac "shift + command + 4".

    Online Whiteboard Zoom

We hope you find these new features useful, we are particularity excited about the addition of "learning cards" and the possibilities this opens up in the future to create on demand exercises and content.

This should also add a little "wow" to your classes and help you stay a step ahead of the competitors!

For more info visit our online whitebaord page.

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