You can access a scheduled classes via the "Class Admin" page or via your dashboard page (You can also access your class via the "Online Classes" page if the class is about to start). From the "Class Admin" page, you can identify the class by:

  1. The class tittle
  2. Start date and time

To enter the Virtual Classroom Click the ‘Virtual Room’ button


Once you enter the classroom a menu will pop up that checks that your system has the right requirements to run the class. It checks the following:

  1. Internet browser. The system works best with Chrome or Firefox. We recommend you use either one of these 2 browsers to run the class.
  2. Your internet speed. The system checks your connection and advises you on the speed of your connection. If you have a poor connection we recommend you turn your camera off after meeting and greeting your students to ensure good classroom flow.
  3. The system reminds you of the necessary equipment you need to run this class
  4. We recommend you view the tour the first time you log in as it guides you through the features of your classroom


It's never been easier to teach online!