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  1. Addressing Technical challenges: LearnCube’s Virtual Classroom is designed to address technical challenges associated with teaching online.
    • When entering the Virtual Classroom, an inbuilt test makes sure the users’ computers are efficient enough to support high quality video. If not, then video quality is automatically reduced so that audio is optimized.
    • The Virtual Classroom interface is very user friendly and LearnCube provides subscribers with video clips of tutorials on how to use the Virtual Classroom and the Virtual School.
    • Screen share uses a lot of bandwidth, and can reduce video and audio quality, we provide an inbuilt content library to easily share most common file types without the need for using screen sharing.
    • To avoid confusion when students want to address the teacher, there is a button for the student to “raise their hand”. This features prevents students speaking all at once or interrupting the teacher.

  2. Administrative Challenges: The Virtual School version includes Administrative features to save time with:
    • Class scheduling
    • Tracking student attendance
    • Student online payment options
    • Proficiency tests

  3. Addressing Pedagogical Challenges:

LearnCube’s Virtual Classroom software simplifies delivery of online courses by providing a platform for live online classes, self-paced eCourses and the administration of schedules and payments.

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