Student statuses are useful when the student is a new lead or to remind you to do a task which is related to that student, such as payment reminders and marketing messages. To add or change a student status:

  1. Click on School admin
  2. school admin button
  3. Click on Students (left hand menu of school admin page or more info on the school admin dashboard)
  4. crm student access
  5. Click on the student name or the edit button to chage the student status
  6. crm edit a student
  7. Student Profile

    This screen shows you the summary of your student profile. You can see things such as:
    1. The students full name
    2. Contact email
    3. Contact phone numbers
    4. Skype ID
    5. Notes that you have written for this student
    6. Students native language
    7. The language the student is learning
    8. The student language proficiency
    9. Access to student certificate (this is optional)
    10. The student grades (as graded by the students teachers for personalized assessments
    11. Student status
    12. Student's academic advisor
    13. Student's assigned teacher
    14. Reminder date
    15. Reason for reminder
    16. crm student profile view
  8. Click on edit student button (top right hand corner of student profile summary)
  9. crm student profile edit
  10. Click on the status menu drop down arrow and choose an updated status
  11. crm student profile status drop down
  12. You can schedule a reminder time, which will send an automatic email to the staff member assigned to the student
  13. Click Save
  14. crm student profile status drop down

The students profile will be updated with the new status

crm student updated status

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