To enroll a student into a single class or course follow these steps:

  1. Go to class administration and identify the class or course you wish to enrol the student into.

  2. learncube-find the correct class
  3. Click on the class or course title. This will take you to the class or course details screen.
  4. Ensure that there are sufficient spots left in the class room to enroll the student.

  5. learncube-enrol student spots
  6. Click the "Enrol Student" button.

  7. learncube-enrol student button
  8. From the drop down menu, choose the student you wish to enroll

  9. learncube-choose your student to enrol
  10. Click the "Enrol Student" button. (Please note clicking this button will trigger an automatic message to the student and to the teacher advising them the class is booked)

  11. learncube-enrol student button 2
  12. You will then be shown the confirmation screen for your enrollment

  13. learncube-confirm student enrolment
  14. If you have made a mistake with the enrollment you can remove the student.

  15. learncube-delete student enrolment

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