Student Records can be created for offline students (In a traditional/physcial school), online students or both.

You can manage leads/prepsective students and create reminders for follow ups

To access the student list either click the students menu button on the left or the more info link on the student tab

Student lead management CRM software

The students table shows brief students information at a glance:

  1. The students name
  2. What the student is learning
  3. The students proficiency level
  4. The date the student joined
  5. The last time the student logged in
  6. The plan the student has purchased or is part of
  7. The number of classes the student has reserved
  8. The number of classes the student has taken
  9. The current status of the student
  10. Reminder dates
  11. The person responsible for contacting the student
  12. Action column where you can edit or enroll the student into a class or a course (either online or offline)

crm student dashboard summary table

Sort your table view by clicking the filter arrows at the top of the table, you can also quickly search student by typing any keyword, date or status into the Search input.

crm student administration search

Scroll through your list of students by using the navigation buttons at the botom of the table

crm student dashboard summary table sort

It's never been easier to teach online!